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I want to look back on my career and be proud of the work, and be proud that I tried everything

jon stewart

Jon Stewart

American comedian



GEER ICT provides a positive atmosphere marked by effective communication, adequate resources, and opportunities for career development suitable for current employees and ambitious and dedicated prospects.

Comfort Office

Open space offices help improve communication, collaboration and cooperation by breaking literal and figurative barriers between our employees. This improved teamwork and creativity that made up the culture we have today.

Career Development

GEER ICT provides the opportunity for its employees to constantly grow and improve their skills through training and workshops that allows unstopped progression in their jobs and career (e.g., Every 3 months, the sales team undergoes a training session).

The Artistic Work Environment

GEER ICT emphasizes on Freedom of expression, Creativity, Aesthetics, Imagination, and Originality. This atmosphere replaces rigid rules with general guidelines that promotes healthier, stress-free, and a productive work environment. (e.g., The innovation area we possess improves employees’ creativity, critical thinking and problem solving.)

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